Dramatic PBA Match Endings VII – PWBA Edition

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Sometimes, we overlook the women's side of this sport. Let's change that! In this episode of Dramatic PBA Match Endings, we take a dive into dramatic PWBA matches only!
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0:00 – Intro
0:13 – 2016 PWBA Bowling Tour Championship
1:20 – 2019 PWBA Women's US Open 1
2:53 – 2019 PWBA Orlando Showdown
3:52 – 2016 World Bowling Tour Finals
5:16 – 2016 PWBA Lincoln Open
6:19 – 2017 PWBA Rochester Open
7:08 – 2014 USBC Queens
8:11 – 2019 PWBA Women's US Open 2
9:43 – 2015 PWBA Women's US Open
11:08 – 2017 PWBA Bowling Tour Championship
12:40 – Ending

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28 Comments on “Dramatic PBA Match Endings VII – PWBA Edition”

  1. LMFAO Shannon o Keefe is kind of crazy she gets so pumped up and emotional every match, love her.

    Also Danielle McEwan will always be my favorite bowler of all time and here’s why! She’s amazing

    1. T-Mobile WiFi running the mobile hotspot, about 20 percent brightness, about 25 percent volume, screen recording, and idk what the last one is

    1. Michael Pagano – no need to apologize Brother. You are just telling the truth, and complimenting Daniel. Don’t let any politically correct haters bring you down.

  2. I jumped out of my chair when Tannya left that 7 pin. Absolutely unfair to make the championship shot and not get the carry.

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