Dramatic PBA Match Endings VIII

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In the 8th edition of Dramatic PBA Match Endings, we go back about 20 years and take a look at 5 matches where everyone was on the edge of their seat. Whether it was dignity, pride, or even a major title, all 5 of these carefully selected matches are sure to bring you a thrill!


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Bowling Planet is the channel that is dedicated to funny montages revolving around the sport of professional bowling. In addition, Bowling Planet also produces top 5/10 lists on different bowling topics, highlights certain players' careers as well as highlighting televised PBA telecasts to ensure everyone can absorb all aspects of bowling.
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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – 2006 PBA Lake County Indiana Classic
1:28 – 2004 PBA World Championship
3:07 – 2002 PBA Medford Open
4:32 – 2005 PBA U.S. Open
7:01 – 2002 PBA Cambridge Credit Classic

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22 Comments on “Dramatic PBA Match Endings VIII”

  1. The match with Traber and Duke is awesome. Trying to get into Norm’s head, then sits there pissed off cause it didn’t work! 😂👍

    1. Yep. When there is a tough condition out there, guys like ND who can play deep, make spares, and stay out of trouble dominate.

  2. OMG.. that first match with Duke was one of the first I posted and told everyone to type in the URL a certain way so they could see it in HD

  3. I love Duke everyone else jumping around getting all hyped up and he’s sitting there like a fucking ninja ready end all their hopes and dreams!!!

  4. Tom Baker needed to win that match to get on the exempt list, otherwise he would’ve retired. That gave him another 4 years on tour.

  5. Missed the premiere, but great to see the return of the OG Bowling Planet series, and a bitter sweet one as well. 😊

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