Duke vs Barrett | PBA Playoffs Round of 16 | FOX SPORTS

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Dom Barrett defeats Norm Duke in the second round of extra frames to advance to the Round of 8.

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Duke vs Barrett | PBA Playoffs Round of 16 | FOX SPORTS

Fox Sports

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44 Comments on “Duke vs Barrett | PBA Playoffs Round of 16 | FOX SPORTS”

  1. I would like that these recaps show some misses. Everybody knows how a good strike looks, but the open frames can show the viewers ( a bowler myself ) player’s errors and we can learn from them.

    1. FL3M SH4DY I am happy, in fact, very happy because I love bowling. This is just a recommendation to make these videos even more enjoyable.

    2. But what do you get out of seeing them miss? I mean it doesnt affect your bowling skills to see them miss.

    3. @Gabriel Calderon i 100000% agree with you they should show every shot but unfortunately they are Fox sports so they are just too lazy

  2. Wow. This has to be one of the most intense matches I’ve seen in a while.
    Congrats to Dom Barrett. Good game and excellent sportsmanship from Norm Duke.

    1. Pete actually loves that environment, it’s more when it happens when he’s not expecting it. I also agree that he’s very sensitive when it comes to that but it’s easier to block it out when you’re expecting it.

    2. @jace welsh I think the sarcasm went over your head. BTW – maybe you never saw him upset at somebody barely moving on his approach.

    3. @24 Lancelot you’re allowed to do it until only him comes up to bowl lol. Everyone else should deal w it.

  3. What ball is Barrett usin?. I know he is with Track; however I don’t know of any past or present balls with those two colors. Everytime they show a close up of the ball they put an info box in front of it:)

    1. Now if you had an original Titan Elite from almost two decades ago, and the ball track was being dyed by the blue oil – yeah, it might look like that.

    2. He’s throwing the Black Widow Pink. It’s all pink but it looks like it’s 2-toned due to the ball picking up the blue tinted oil from the lane. You can see that the blue is only where his track is.

    3. Thanks – looks about right. And yeah, I forgot he has all of the Ebonite family to choose from.

  4. Dom Barrett seems to have the perfect ball motion for the pattern they are using. I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes the whole thing.

  5. Why is the crowd chanting and so loud? I thought it was discouraged. Like when Pete Weber had his incident. Even like 5 years ago when I followed the league more the crowd only made noise after the ball was rolling

    1. There are certain tournaments in which it is a Hallmark for the crowd to cheer. Bowling is finally putting their snobby attitude on the side. Even to it’s still a long way to go

  6. Jeez…Dom TOTALLY missed right, but it wound up flush. Helluva break, but…that is bowling. Well fought by both.

  7. Dom’s a great personality. Final strike, could of gloated. Did not and shaked it off like no big deal. I think it’s because norm is coming to a graceful ending of his career. For that he has my respect.

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