E.A.R.L.’s Journey to 900 – Episode 1

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Join us as we embark on E.A.R.L.'s Journey to 900, a new weekly series that follows E.A.R.L.'s attempt to become the first robot to roll a 900 series.

Tune in each week for all of the strikes, lane adjustments, ringing 10 pins and more as E.A.R.L. tries to do what no robot has done before!

Think you can match up with E.A.R.L.? Comment with a picture of your recap each week and let us know how you fared in league!

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24 Comments on “E.A.R.L.’s Journey to 900 – Episode 1”

  1. Good to know this is where my membership fees are going. Yes this is cool to watch, but really? THIS is where our membership fees are going? Come on.

  2. Amazing video!!! I wish I had an EARL in my house to do this experiment. Hope we get to see Episode 2 very very soon.

  3. To be honest, is not sure if you are casual bowlers, or high average bowlers, but take this with a grain of salt. There are very visible notifications that you need to move before EARL is leaving splits, I would suggest next time, having one of your USBC pros telling you to make these adjustments before you leave the splits. A few times, I would have made moves, you guys threw another shot that came up a little high, then again for a split.

  4. I love E.A.R.L however this is pretty useless without accounting for the other 7-9 bowlers you’d be on the pair with for league.

  5. You gotta get every damn brake in the world besides hitting your mark and living right to shoot a 900 😂😂😂

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