E.A.R.L.’s Journey to 900 – Episode 2

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Join us for Episode 2 of E.A.R.L.'s Journey to 900, a new weekly series that follows E.A.R.L.'s attempt to become the first robot to roll a 900 series.

This week, E.A.R.L. will try to one-up his 679 series from last week and roll into the 700’s. Will E.A.R.L. learn from his mistakes last week and string a few more strikes together? Find out now!

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24 Comments on “E.A.R.L.’s Journey to 900 – Episode 2”

  1. Since this is representing a typical league night, is there any way to mimic an actual league experience? For example, on a five man team you are bowling on each lane essentially once every ten frames, so really you have an entire games worth of transition to accommodate everytime you come up on a lane. This is a fascinating series you have started, can’t wait to see next week’s video.

    1. Hi Adam. We’ve actually done this before during our other research projects. EARL has a wide range of versatility. He can throw balls from 10 to 24 MPH, 0 to 900 RPM, 0 to 90 degrees of axis rotation, and with 0 to 45 degrees of axis tilt. He can even throw the ball like a left-hander as well as a right-hander. In this series we are bowling as a single right-handed bowler with ~17 MPH, 350 RPM, 50 degrees of rotation and 10 degrees of tilt. We adjust the speed as you have seen when we make moves, but only in realistic ranges a bowler can adjust.

      To simulate true league transition, we would set up 10 bowler profiles. Some speed dominant players, some rev dominant players, etc. Then each of those 10 bowler profiles would throw 5 shots (since we are only bowling on half of the pair). It is a lot more book keeping, but definitely doable. We’ve done it.

  2. It would be interesting if you could do this with the blue oil so we could see the pattern and how it was changing after each game.

  3. Gotta make the move when it starts going high flush!! Earl was going high flush for about 3 shots before it finally went 4 pin then you made the move and were back in the pocket again.

    1. Ultimat3Gam3r We’ve been guilty of this a couple times but you also have to look at when it happened to see a complete picture of the strategy involved. 10th frame of game 3 in week 1 and 10th frame of game 2 this week. In both cases, we thought we might be able to get away with one more shot to strike and maximize our score. In fact, in week 1, Emil wanted us to move and we overruled him, which is why you hear me yell “He was right!” after the ball goes high. Also, it seems like every time we move, we flat 10 on the next shot so we were just playing the odds. Maybe we need to adjust speed as well when we make the move.

    2. The 0.1 speed adjustment appears to work well when making the high flush adjustment left then the 4 pin leaves could be an extra board left + the 0.1 less ball speed

  4. I bet the misses are tied to ball speed? I know a tenth faster or slower has an effect on the impact and pin carry!

  5. I think a polished ball is gonna be mandatory for getting a perfect game, having a 500 grit is just too much and it changes the lane too much.

  6. This was really interesting in week one, and i did add my 2 cents in last time. After this week i think i am done watching this, its too frustrating to me to start yelling at the computer screen from shot two in the second game, and then again in the 6th frame of game three. it is a good thing all 300’s come with a little luck, or this one would not have happened. You could have easily left another 4 pin from frame 6 on. If your goal is in fact to bowl a 900 with EARL, then you need to start making adjustment preemptively. NO CRAP you are leaving flat tens when you adjust with a 500 sanded ball…. yikes.. sanded balls use up their energy faster than polished balls. weaken your ball up, get away from sanded solid, and for the love, get someone behind you guys that can tell you to make adjustments before it is too late.

  7. Wow fantastic performance well played congratulations Earl on your 796 series & a 300 hundred game success win

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