20 Comments on “Earl Anthony Memorial Classic 2010 – 02 / 12”

  1. i think rash needs to tone down his spare shooting. he is just too wild when he throws them.

  2. @GraduatedPlum cant say he was lined up at a super good angle either, needless to say he rushed every spare shot he had. is what it is.

  3. seans is not some rookie that cant pick up spares. he is just a mental case. plus, he is really hanging up on something on the approach, both single pin spare misses.

  4. yeah im not quite 100% sure why robby smith and those guys try to murder the pins on the spares, but i guess it works for them, they are the pros.

  5. agreed. it’s painful to watch when he just fires his spare ball down the lane and totally whiffs…..i mean….dude….just take it down a notch and hit your mark.

  6. if rash made that spare he would have won
    i throw hook balls at my spares because if it hooks it can save you than throwing it straight
    you will go right of the pin and have a better chance of making it
    i think he should try that out and build up his mental game

  7. @derekli04 well i usually go straight at it with a hook ball just a tiny bit right
    if there is enough hook you should make it
    im not saying to go super right
    if you use a hook ball you usually roll it at the same speed as your strike ball

  8. I still don’t get why hitting 1 pin spares is so hard. The oil pattern can’t be that confusing just throw it straight.

  9. @Graham6762 its not that its hard its just when u have someone that in a mental case throwing them, then it gets hard

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