15 Comments on “Earl Anthony Memorial Classic 2010 – 04 / 12”

  1. lol “other angles that lefties couldnt play” does he mean down 1st arrow? cuz all lefties do that.

  2. @Interdicted yeah i thouht so too, soon as i heard it i looked at the comments to see if anyone else did.

  3. They are professionals and they are on a very demanding oil pattern. If they were on some cheesy house shot they would prolly avg 250’s

  4. @westbsign

    going from 1st arrow to 2nd arrow is not really playing different angles. sorry buddy.

  5. @westbsign

    lol my game is pretty good. and ur saying i need to learn about bowling when u bowl 2 handed. lol u sir are what i call uber fail.

  6. hahaha does randy need to start feeling sorry for himself every time someone leaves an 8 pin? i mean really.

  7. amen to that jj. i’ve been bowling for 20 yrs and i’ll be the first to say that going from a “house” shot to a tournament style / pba pattern…is very humbling. if you avg 220 in a house, you’ll be lucky to avg 190 on pba conditions….these guys have mad skill…make no mistake. you dont’ make tv because you suck. LOL

  8. wolf had a lot of bad luck that game but also made so huge mistakes on spares i feel bad for him but then again not really

  9. I think Randy’s analysis about the laneplay is wrong on this one. I think Mike Wolfe is showing how much better of a line the outside is than the inside.

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