11 Comments on “Earl Anthony Memorial Classic 2010 – 11 / 12”

  1. Machuga got robbed! Larceny I say. How was the 2nd shot in the 10th worse than the 1st? Congrats to Lacaze, but Machuga got robbed.

  2. looking into what happened with this clip…seems this is a YouTube Glitch. I will be reposting the clip today

  3. Even though I’m a “chooga” fan (smooth, textbook a stroke as you will find.) Great match between two mentally tough, totally focused players on an unforgiving condition. A solid-8 is a bad break, not a bad shot (quite to the contrary.) I do give props to Machuga for having to do that “back-up-to-the-ball-return-loft-the-snot-out-of-it” thing and still have the match come down to the last shot, though. Great win, “T-Money.” Nice post SundaysR4Bowling. Thanks.

  4. The 2nd shot in the 10th proves why bowling is a very cruel sport.Sometimes you have to get the ball a little wide of the pocket to get the carry light strike and get the 10 out (but not too far to leave a 2-4-5 or a 2)
    I’m a Machuga fan as well and I wanted him to win.

  5. Wow, down to the wire, exciting finish. MUCH better bowling by both players than in the prior matches. Great stuff.

    Thanks for the uploads, sudaysr4bowling!

  6. Anthony Lacaze bowled in a PBA Regional at my home center last October which I was keeping score for him and a few other bowlers!

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