Earl Anthony – SENSI MAN ROCK + version

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Earl Anthony – SENSI MAN ROCK – (something of a next cut of jr.reids shaka a lack rock – riddim) K-i-l-l-e-r shaka tune!!

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14 Comments on “Earl Anthony – SENSI MAN ROCK + version”

  1. @donniherbs is it the new one also transparent with k i l l e r Tempo riddim with Howie on B-side? hook me up with one a’ those breddi !!

  2. I dont understand.. It’s not the world a music riddim, why did you say it’s the shack a lack riddim ??? another tune from junior reid with the same title??

  3. something of a next cut anyway, different bassline but same guitarr cut faster pitched

  4. Okay, i want to say THX VERY MUCH, because in the past i didn’t really like digital style (my style is rub a dub, 79-85); but your channel and buckbumble are really incredible and now i’m really a digi addikt… big up for your work!

  5. Great! This is what Rap should be, but isn’t!!! Been looking for this since the ’80s. Thanks!!

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