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  1. He did have a perfect game on TV in Japan. He referred to it in when he and Mike Durbin were commenting on C.K. Moores’ televised 300 game.

  2. @Buddy69Love
    DO they have any of his old bowling equipment there? I was wondering what weight of ball he used

  3. @djkthegame1 As a high school bowling coach who is still learning the game, I totally agree.

    And my personal all time HERO here, the GREAT Earl Anthony! Who better to learn from than EA!

  4. I couldn’t agree more, djkthegame1. Who better to teach it than The Great Earl Anthony. He was all class. A true champion. I miss him much.

  5. I remember when I was a kid and learning how to bowl all 7 of my Uncles are bowlers. And they told me almost the same thing watch a pro. And the pro I picked was Mr. Anthony himself! I noticed he and I are both lefties so that made it that much easier. I havent bowled in ages but always good to get a few tips via You Tube from the master himself Earl Anthony!

    1. I knew about him being found at the bottom of the stairwell in his home (I presumed it was his own home), but was unaware of whether or not it was because he fell, or had something such as a heart attack. Perhaps I can find the results of an autopsy if I were to search hard enough, but after all these years, it’s not really necessary. One thing is for sure: Earl Anthony was NOT a drinker of hard liquor. I doubt his wife would have tolerated that!One thing I later found out: Earl and I had the same birthday, although he was born exactly 11 years before myself. He was a great ambassador for the game, and his contributions to the growth and popularity of bowling are partially a result of his efforts.

    2. @DeedsResearcher
      He was at a buddy’s house, drunk as all get out. Tripped on his buddy’s cat which lay on the stairs, and fell down the stairs. Just like the old comedy gag of the drunk falling down the stairs, that’s how it happened. Hardly a fitting end to one of the brightest stars in the bowling universe. Seems like alcoholism was the norm in professional bowling at this time. Ed Ressler also died of alcoholism. And no, not related to Del -take a dive- Ballard.

    3. @Caroline Miniscule
      While I understand you’re emotionally invested in Early Anthony’s legacy, your blind aggression is a sign of ignorance, willful or otherwise. Were YOU at the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Resurrection of Christ? You’re mother’s birth? Your argument is absurd and naive.

    4. Caroline, I like your style!”20alphabet” may still be around, But since it is easy to change screen names we have no way of knowing if he (or she!) is not lurking somewhere, looking for another chance to “pounce” on the memory of Earl Anthony.For some individuals, they find no greater “fun” than pointing a finger of blame at someone who is no longer able to defend themselves. And yet, perhaps out of blind jealousy, they come up with outright lies just to start an argument.Most logical human beings don’t tolerate that sort of nonsense, and won’t engage in it, either.Thanks for your support of Earl Anthony. A finer man may never come along during our lifetimes.

  6. I remember borrowing this video from the library on VHS when I was a kid in the local youth league. I played it over and over, trying to copy what Mr. Anthony was doing. I never got those results, but it did help me tame the nasty hook I had at the time

    1. By nasty hook do you mean overhooking? I have that problem. I’m watching this video right now for that reason. Do you have any tips on how did you tame your hook? I try to not even turn my wrist and it still hooks more than I want.

  7. I may have watched this video back in the day. If I had access to it, I would have definitely watched it if it had Earl Anthony’s name on it. I worked to emulate his style in my early days. I was impressed by how simple and effortless his approach looked, but there was a lot of power in his delivery and ball reaction. The only difference is that he was more down-and-in, where I’m more of a tweener. After 37 years, he’s still my role model.

  8. The Legend. He made bowling look easy, which it isn’t at all. I would say most bowlers of today who grew up around the time Earl was a PBA star find the direction of bowling in 2019 to rather depressing. All the great old houses are either being torn down or converted into some sort of repulsive night club with glow in the dark lanes.

    No. Just….no.

    1. I wish I had the money to rescue a great old alley. We had one torn down here where I live that had been open for 60 years. Times are different and I can’t stand it, give me my drive-in movies, skating rinks and bowling alleys back.

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