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    1. Not really. He was in teaching mode for this video, so he knew he HAD to leave pins standing in order to illustrate his teaching points.

  1. I love that he implies that there could be someone that strikes every ball and therefore a person that wouldn’t need to learn to shoot spares.

    1. What Earl was saying was that since NOBODY gets all strikes, EVERYBODY needs to learn how to make spares.
      Earl was a great spare shooter, but he often stated that Mark Roth was the best spare shooter on the tour.

  2. I bowl only 3 games a week and don’t practice and I average in the 220s. Thank you for the memories. RIP my friend

    1. It would not have had to have been a heart attack, either! He could have had a seizure, causing loss of consciousness…at the top of the stairwell. Falling down a flight of stairs might be enough to break his neck, resulting in either death or paralysis.
      Since none of us was there when it happened, who are we to say either way? I knew Earl, who was one of three PBA members who signed my own application back in 1981, when I joined the PBA. At all times he was a total gentleman, and I never knew of him to be drunk.

    2. Years ago the bowling balls were not reactive resin
      AND you are bowling on an easy house shot…try a sport pattern tough guy

    3. @Charles Vella oh I have bowled on kegal, pba patterns….They arent easy, but they arent impossible 2 score big…And I have honor scores on them…They can be humbling….so whats your point Hoss?

  3. I rilly like how earl explains bowling techniques he helps me better understand 🎳 bowling. And how to get strikes and spairs. I honor you and will miss you dearly.great dowler off all time.no doupt.

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