6 Comments on “Earl Anthony Teaches Bowling – 4”

  1. Great videos man, these are really helping me. I’ve been looking at the pins a lot and I see why it’s better to use spot bowling now…

  2. @sammydavisjrsr I’m with you on that one. If you notice almost everything Earl says NOT to do regarding footwork and timing the current-day PBA members do. Why? Because they can. Today’s USBC approved equipment allows inflated scores without the skill level of technique development. While it took a decade or more to achieve top-level proficiency, it takes only a day to match up your track and PAP to a corresponding ball for any lane condition. Earl Anthony often led a tournament with a 215 avg.

  3. I love Earl Anthony but he cracks me up when he says in the first video that they will focus on the 4 step delivery yet all thru the instructional video he tends to use the 5 step delivery.  lol  thought that was funny.  

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