21 Comments on “Earl Anthony Teaches Bowling – 5”

  1. That slow motion shot at 9:28 was PATENTED Earl Anthony pinfall when he just started to become the great bowler he was.

    Add an orange Magnum 6 hooked in from the one board and a crew cut and that would be it!

  2. You notice at 4:18 she said “3rd times a charm”? It must have taken 3 takes for her to make that 7 pin…lol

  3. As a left handed bowler myself, Earl Anthony is my inspiration. I wish I could bowl like he did. I will have to try these things next time I practice, or on my next league night.

  4. Before she makes that spare shot, the channel on the right is empty. Then, when she makes the spare shot and it switches to the view of the pin area, there is a dead pin in the channel.

  5. that sherry did really well under that sort of constant pressure XD. I’d crack and fail shoot if i were there.

  6. asome i am a lefty an i realy like this videos im up to a 220 ave i tell all my friends about this ok have a great day :))))

  7. he would have a heart attack to see my unorthodox roll patren for my hook and stance but it works for me and i explode the pins every time but dont always strike im working on that but am a ace at spares i dont miss

  8. also read his book winning bowling it will help everyone out its good info to expand on and push the envelope and Earl guide us all to glory rip my friend and mentor

  9. Even though I’m a right handed bowler Earl Anthony has always been my idol. I have this video. I also have a personal hand written letter from Earl Anthony back in 1998 and it’s my most prized possession and I have always cherished it. I have never met him when he was alive.

    1. He is my idol as well I’m am left haned like he was left or right handed he will forever be loved by most bowlers no doubt a nice man i never met him either but i wish i did everyday he is and will forever be the best in the game ever in bowling 41 titles in 14 years will never happen again

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