Earl Anthony’s Last PBA Title (1984 ABC Masters)

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Earl Anthony was considered the greatest of all time and held many of the all time PBA records until the emergence of bowlers like Walter Ray, Parker Bohn III, and PDW. He was the first to 1 million dollars in earnings and was the most dominant bowler of his era. This would be Earl Anthony's last title, which at the time actually did not count as a PBA title. He also won the ABC Masters in 1977 giving him a total of 43 overall.

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24 Comments on “Earl Anthony’s Last PBA Title (1984 ABC Masters)”

  1. Odd that they’d take the computer’s scoring for it when that 6 pin had fallen. These Brunswick A2 machines are designed to give 2 or 3 seconds to let the pins fall before the standing pins are picked up and the sweep is done, but back in the day a pin boy would not touch the pins until they quit moving. Whether the rack has gone down or not should be irrelevant; if a pin falls before the deck picks them up it should count as a fallen pin. Also interesting to see how quick they had the mechanic set that 6 and 10 pin. That had to be done manually so there was probably a guy sitting on the machine.

    1. As a pin boy in high school, you are correct, someone was sitting on that machine’s frame, with several pins in a wooden box beside him.

  2. PBA bowling is incredibly different than the “Good Ole Days”. It is more like WWE Raw with all the hoot’n, chanting, and of all things, card board cutouts? Really? I do miss the days
    when people thought more of their bodies and respected the game.

    1. It’s generally to appeal to the mainstream viewer.
      Regrettably standards amongst those viewers has lowered, as have attention spans, IQ and the need for flashy gimmicks to keep them interested.

    2. @Chris Loesch I like it quiet too. Then the eruption after the shot.
      And do NOT miss the part where your clothes smelled so bad.

  3. What happened was that the TV networks wanted a “more flashy” image for bowling, because they saw it as a dull sport. When they started having the TV finalists run onto the lanes and high five the others it looked forced. They wanted the players to react more and the crowds started looking and sounding like a boxing match, with fans down the length of the lanes. They then began experimenting with different finals formats to speed up play. The golden age of TV bowling died.

  4. There’s a new book out on earl anthony. Not really a biography _ I don’t think his family were interviewed by the author _ but more personal stuff than I knew before. I’m enjoying the read.

    1. I heard about that! I actually discussed it on my main channel, where everything is being uploaded to now, bowling or otherwise. if I keep getting more subs I may do a reminder video about it.

  5. I was just feet away from the incomparable Earl Anthony as he warmed up for the Final Match of the 1982 Long Island Open. I was so tongue-tied, couldn’t even ask him to autograph my Program Book/wish him luck. All I could do was watch the master bowl, smoke and on one of his last shots, come up with a 4-6-7-10 split. (he simply hit the Reset Button) Then, a ‘handler’ came over and escorted him to the televised lanes. Sadly, he lost to Steve Cook after winning the tournament for three years prior. An unforgettable remembrance…-:)

  6. Earl Anthony represents a classy era, the likes of which we will never see again. Yes, the “hootin and hollerin, along with the screaming and chest beating is an affront to the classy bowlers of Anthony’s era. He was THE BEST.

  7. As a bowler my whole life i dream of the days to see walter ray vs earl anthony to really put to bed who was the best of all time. We know the titles and wins awards etc but that would be a sight to see. Walter ray is not a cranker nor was earl. Effortless and smooth on both ends. Woulda been fun

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