EJ Tackett Bowling Release in Slow Motion (PBA WSOB XI Edition)

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This is EJ Tackett at the PBA World Series of Bowling XI (2020). This is a collection of some of his shots, reactions, and more on all the oil patterns of the tournament.

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EJ Tackett is one of the best bowlers in the world and a Motiv Staff. He arguably has the most versatile speed game at the PBA.

Make sure to watch all the way through the video. You'll notice the small adjustments he makes to correct on a few shots.

Comment below with your favorite shots and reactions.

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47 Comments on “EJ Tackett Bowling Release in Slow Motion (PBA WSOB XI Edition)”

  1. Are you a fan of EJ Tackett? Let us know in the comments what you learned from this video! 🙂

  2. Always wanted to see the slowmo wrist snap. This swing doesn’t look like he just let’s the ball do the work he looks likes he’s actively snapping it harder.

  3. I throw motiv, but I do agree with most people. I think he would win more if he threw storm. High rev guys always do. This I coming from a guy with 10 motiv balls too.

    1. Justine Bautista when you’re the face of a brand and being paid as much as EJ you have no reason to leave.

    2. I have both Storm and Motiv, and I have had my most success with Storm, but I won my first local title with a Motiv Venom Shock. Both great companies with great products.

  4. Thanks for the great footage. It confirms what Randy Pedersen says is incorrect for EJ’s release. EJ gets his revs from allowing the linear momentum of the bowling ball to continue forward whilst he imparts a rotational force on the ball from his fingers decelerating relative to the ball’s forward motion to impart the spin. I don’t think that anyone has the strength to toss a 15lb bowling ball with a yoyo action.

    1. I love Motiv and I’m a big fan of EJ but I dont see his arm, elbow, shoulder lasting very long with that kind of action.

    2. @bbushism I’ve been doing it since I was 13 for 28 years now. Arm, shoulder and elbow are good but back and knee…..whole other story. 😂

  5. The thing that sets him apart isn’t his Rev Rate…don’t get me wrong, it’s insanely high for a 1 hander. It’s his footwork. Notice how he gets his body out of the way at the downswing in order to fully snap his wrist on the release….that’s the part that separates him from the competition.

  6. I really loved this video. I just bumped up from a 13 club ball to a 15 ball I own. But I have been getting tired. I can see now how these guys are really pulling the ball in close. I have lifted weights quite a bit over the years and I know that can make a huge difference. I had been focusing on the wrist but it seems like the stance is maybe bigger.

    1. @brent boscia Yeah I have been trying to figure how much to throw. Part of weightlifting is resting. So you have to figure out how much to rest. I am not sure were you live but the sweating may just be the humidity. It is off the charts were I live this year. It is causing me a alot of allergies. The ac acts a dehumidifier but it just gpt colder and now that has gone. I fixed alot of my problem by picking up with two hands. And not raising the bowl so high.

  7. Thank you for showing us that he is human & doesn’t strike every single time. Certainly one of the most powerful releases in the modern game.

  8. I need someone to teach me how to one hand bowl with thumb. I see these guys release and appear to throw the ball towards the left (get the revs going) but the ball travels way right. Whenever I try this, I either land in the gutter or maybe hit the 7 pin (basically straight). I need to figure out the motion to roll the ball left and get it going to the right.

    1. I had this problem but it was just because of the ball I was using I tried out my friends urethane ball and I started to get it too hook more

  9. Such a pured release at the foul line. Also I want someone to look at me the same way EJ looks at the camera at 3:50

    1. That’s exactly why I’m trying to switch to 1 hand because 2 hand just doesn’t feel natural

  10. does he tuck his pinky at the apex of swing? I swear you can see clear out stretched when he starts but looks tucked on his down swing

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