EJ Tackett on the Front Nine at 2022 PBA Lubbock Sports Open

EJ Tackett has the first nine strikes during second-round qualifying of THE STORM CUP: PBA Lubbock Sports Open. Here's his 10th frame.

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27 Comments on “EJ Tackett on the Front Nine at 2022 PBA Lubbock Sports Open”

    1. @jimlovesgina to clear things up I’m a bowler just like EJ though I don’t bowl on the tour. What I’m saying is he got very lucky the 11th shot especially. Unless you shot a 300 ever or came close with the front 11 at least, no hate replies on my comments understood?

    1. I slowed it down to 0.25x speed and played it frame by frame. That was the 2 pin. It went straight back into the 8 pin and then bounced way up and dropped on the 7.

    1. AJ Johnson left one of those in wauwatosa last week. it was part of brad and kyle’s feed… i’ve never seen it before, now i’ve seen it in two houses in a week… please let me know if you find out who it was (and if there was exclusive footage šŸ™‚ )

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