EJ Tackett’s rev rate recorded at 2016 USBC Masters

Analysis for 2014 USBC Masters runner-up EJ Tackett tracks his rev rate at 572 rpm. Filmed at the 2016 USBC Masters.

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47 Comments on “EJ Tackett’s rev rate recorded at 2016 USBC Masters”

    1. +2hands Bowling Junky yes he does? he has a lot to do with it. higher rev rate sucks up more oil, he tends to use more aggresive equipment which also sucks up more oil

    2. +tanner wysong why belmo has effect on lane conditions and EJ don,t? Same rev rates…

    1. lets see your more accurate way of measuring off this video, that’s right you don’t, thanks for your unsolicited input. I thought it was pretty clever kudos to uploader.

    2. Off this video, we can’t really (not even with their method). What we need is a piece of tape identifying his axis point, then we can use the first 10 frames or so to extrapolate his rev rate. At the point that his ball starts to transition away from its PAP and towards its PSA, it’s the lane influencing the revs, and we shouldn’t take any of that part of the motion into account.

      Not to mention the fact that they’re judging ball speed based on 60 feet, but completely take the lateral distance covered out of the equation.

      He gets some major revs on the ball, but this isn’t a good way to measure it.

    1. +Tsukuyomi27 is revs/min, the distance has no relevance here.
      actually his speed is higher than calculated, because the distance is longer than 60 ft

    2. @Vali Piros I assume Tsukuyomi is stating that the calculated speed of 18.6 MPH is wrong because it’s not 60 feet traveled

    1. Makes zero difference, more time down lane means more rotations but more travel time canceling each other out. Use your brain.

    2. I think he was just referring to the speed calculation because it didn’t take 2.2 seconds to go 60ft, it took 2.2 seconds to go 60ft and then some.

  1. ej has more revs because the time seemed slower due to a longer distance because of the bigger hook. they should add that to the equation.

    1. That RPM value is roughly accurate for the longest line he can play, but there’s a good chance he was playing that line to maximize revs for this video. I find it interesting that the MPH uses 60ft when the ball is actually traveling closer to 19.5mph since it moves about 63 ft, not 60 ft. It depends on how you define the velocity as only going down lane or the speed the ball is actually moving.

    1. sagatbalrog And here we are down the road and he’s already been player of the year once and top 5 on tour with a bunch of titles.

  2. Contrary to some of the below statements, this is a fantastic way to measure rev rate actually! We would have to standardize the camera position and angle as well as standardize the lengths of the lane for which the analysis is done and maybe get a ball with dots in a certain pattern. Just like the guy with the tape idea down below is alluding to, one could really go down the rabbit hole here but where do we draw the line. We could just get a a hi speed hi def camera in some standard position close to the lane at the big events for the last 4 in the ladder and get some in game analysis going. I can see the angle of the ball spin with respect to E.J.’s shoulder. Some markers would make this clearer but its great as is and we could go on and on but the bottom line is this is really the most practical way to do so for the sport of bowling in my humble opinion. GREAT job USBC! Can we get some more of these of E.J. and other players so that we can analyze some player to player and player within player variation? then we can do some real analysis and bring bowling forward to the modern era!!!!

  3. I don’t know if EJ either has changed his game in the almost 3 years since this was recorded or if he changes his revs from pattern to pattern but a very recent show that had a rev counter on had him at 500rpm.

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