Equipment Check: Urethane Gets Chris Via His First Title At 2021 U.S. Open

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Chris Via talks about the urethane ball that helped him get his first win and explains why urethane was in play this week at the 2021 U.S. Open.


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7 Comments on “Equipment Check: Urethane Gets Chris Via His First Title At 2021 U.S. Open”

  1. Title should be. Via gets urethane a US open title. ALL players used urethane. It was Via who made it work the best.

    1. Bowling is past its prime. Going back to urethane isnt something the normal viewer will understand. The high revs of twohanded players and urethane is matched up the best.

      I got a flo subscription, but when you can have a tournament without cameras on all lanes skip it. Have less lanes of competitions.

      It’s like watching golf and Hole 5, 9, 14 and 17 are not on camera. It’s like back to the cave man! Bowling isnt played ONLY in USA! We that have a subscription wanna know WHEN things are broadcasted.

      What a slow turtel bowling is when it comes to being innovative and making sure the viewer would understand. It should be made so anybody can watch without bowling and still understand.

      Now i watch without having a clue who is leading, what lane conditions are there and every aspect.

      We need out sport to be open. Why did you choose that lane profile? Who choose it? Who will benefit?

      We had a plan for the profile and what happend? Open minded discussions and really going in deep why many players say playing in the PBA isnt worth it financially.

      Hiding and putting things under the carpet isnt helping bowling. We are not becoming an Olympic sport by running it like this.

      I feel i am Wasting my time every time i watch pba. Where is the information?

  2. Absolutely love the interviews, great interviewer and the players give great answers to some great questions!

  3. Urethane takes ZERO skill change my mind. Side note this has nothing to do with who won, but the fact it’s the only thing people ever use

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