Every Jason Belmonte Strike (2011-2012)

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We're back at it again with more strikes from Belmo! Comment down below what other type of bowling content would you like to see!


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30 Comments on “Every Jason Belmonte Strike (2011-2012)”

    1. @Buffalo Bills Fan I agree with you, belmo doesn’t deserve to be called a bottle b… because Sean Rash is the bottle b.

    2. Well something interesting was during quarantine there was like a small like podcast where this lady interviewed bowlers and there were segments on it like trivia, plead the 5th frame and stuff like that and on the video with Sean rash he had the plead the 5th frame and the first question was about bottle gate and he said they were both out of line he was out of line for yelling that way belmo was out of line for the bottle but he even said he shouldn’t have yelled like that and instead approached him quietly about it

  1. Okay okay okay, this has been driving me insane for a while. At 9:02 is that Gary Thorne (ESPN Announcer) that’s commentating?? I never watched the game or anything but that voice sounds just like Gary Thorne

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