Every PBA Playoffs Roll Off

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Who doesn't love a roll off? In this WWE-styled video, we take a look at every single roll-off to ever happen in PBA Playoffs history!
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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Belmonte vs. Troup
1:03 – Page vs. Simonsen
2:05 – Butturff vs. Malott
3:35 – Svensson vs. O'Neill
4:34 – Barrett vs. Duke
6:10 – Simonsen vs. Gomez
7:30 – Rash vs. Barrett
8:43 – Simonsen vs. Prather
9:38 – Anderson vs. Troup
10:31 – Lavoie vs. Allen
12:02 – O'Neill vs. Butturff
13:00 – Tackett vs. Prather
14:13 – Sterner vs. Daugherty
15:45 – Cooley vs. Svensson (Game 2 Tie)
16:40 – Cooley vs. Svensson (Match Tie)
17:26 – O'Neill vs. Lavoie
18:40 – Azcona vs. Tackett
19:50 – Daugherty vs. Cooley
20:59 – Outro

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19 Comments on “Every PBA Playoffs Roll Off”

  1. PSA: There aren’t *ANY* rolloffs in the 2020 PBA Playoffs, because all of the matches only had one game each.

    Well, except the finals but Bill O’Neill sweeped Anthony Simonsen for the win.

    1. I got the front 9 then left a 10 pin on the 10th, spared and then struck. It was the worst feeling.

  2. That Carmen Salvino pattern got ugly towards the end of matches and into the roll-offs this year. My goodness.

    1. Yea. Despite being the same oil pattern on both lanes, I think the right lane was even more ugly than the left.

  3. Fun fact: Out of all the PBA pros that have been in all of the PBA Playoffs, only 9 survived through 2019 to this year(Kyle Troup, Bill ‘o Nill, E.J.Tackett, Richie Allen, Kris Prather, Jacob Butfruff, Tom Daugherty, Jesper Svensson and Anthony Simonsen).

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