Exciting conclusion of 2014 PBA Badger Open

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Brian Valenta and Bill O'Neill battle for the PBA Badger Open title during the 2014 PBA Summer Swing at Oklahoma's Grand Casino Resort. For more info, or to subscribe to Xtra Frame, visit pba.com or xtraframe.tv.

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31 Comments on “Exciting conclusion of 2014 PBA Badger Open”

  1. Bill O’Neil has just become one of my favorite pba bowlers.  What a clutch job that was!  Big props Bill O’Neil.  Big props!

  2. I haven’t paid attention to the PBA in a while (maybe two or three years), so I was in for a bit of a shock when I discovered that they had added three new patterns. 52 feet is crazy. It looked Bill, who I believe is a mid-rev tweener, was going practically straight down the third arrow. The ball hadn’t even finished its roll when it struck the pins. Wow.

  3. >Randy talks as if a break decides the match – “This is destiny!”
    >Immediately loses match two minutes later

    1. I was at a tournament recently and the owner bowled too. He lofted the ball so high that it almost broke the lane. But everyone does it and no ones getting kicked out tho

    2. I was practicing lofting over the gutter and I accidentally threw the ball in the gutter and not on the lane. I thought I was going to get told not to loft anymore so I stopped.

    3. Well you gotta remember, Valenta is a power player. And because of his high revs and the oil pattern, if he doesn’t loft it, it’s in the gutter just before the oil wears off.

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