Final frame debacle: Jason Belmonte awaits his Masters fate

Difficult conditions take their toll, even on the best. Pro Bowler Jason Belmonte makes a dangerous mistake on his final frame, putting his Masters run in question. Watch the Masters live on:

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51 Comments on “Final frame debacle: Jason Belmonte awaits his Masters fate”

    1. I think he sneaks in. -38 is my cut # guess. He was -100 for the 1st 4 gms today…great 9 frames considering.

    1. Yeah, he had a couple 150’s this week, and he still almost made the cut because these conditions are absolutely brutal.

    1. It’s not over yet, B squad has 2 games left to bowl
      Edit: He’s in, #58, bowling #7 Tim Foy Jr
      Edit #2: He lost to Foy Jr by 3 pins, 588-585, will bowl Brad Miller in the elimination bracket

  1. It is absolutely nuts how many shots ran through the nose and brooklyn during the live coverage of the lanes the last 3 days. It was painful to watch.

    1. The pattern was extremely flat and every squad was fresh. That in itself dropped the scores down a bit.

    1. The Reality has been all over the place. The lanes have been impossible, from what I’ve heard, so something strong and controllable is the best bet.

    1. @AussiePillow1 He kicked the ground out of frustration. When your standards are high and you fall short true competitors show emotion.

  2. I like Belmo but I would never root for a two hander against a real bowler. Two handers need their own handicap league

    1. 2 hands is an excuse they use. It’s no thumb and that is the only reason they use 2 hands. No thumb makes it easier to control high scoring patterns. On tough oil patterns you’ll clearly see a guy like Belmo is just another face in the alley.

    2. Back in the day, before the Ned Day grip, the proper way of bowling was using the middle finger and thumb only, and it was drilled conventional grip. Using a fingertip ball with a ring finger holei s therefore cheating right?

  3. He’s great on high scoring lanes, where he can control the lanes. On tough patterns he looks lost a high % of the time.

    1. You realize that he has won that same tournament 4 times, right? You should honestly be more respectful.

  4. After Belmo missed the 2-10, and B squad is done qualifying, Belmo survived to make a cut in the Masters.

    1. No thumb. That means more control of The lanes. “2 hands” is Belmo and the others excuse to cover the FACT that the only reason they use that style is they use no thumb.

  5. If people can bowl competitively wearing masks I dont see why the rest of the stubborn common folk can’t do it. Freedumb!

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