21 Comments on “Firelake PBA Tournament of Champions 02 07 2016 (HD)”

  1. I personally know one of the bowlers on this show and can tell you that Svennson had so much area and you can see it if you track his shots that no righty, not Weber, not WRW or Belmonte could beat him. This two handed lefty crap is a joke. Svennson wont win another tourney unless its another lefty fest

    1. 1. When you have enough time in practice to break the lanes down to how you want them of course you will have left and right of what you’re targeting.
      2. Urethane is not going to jump if you miss inside of target, so your misses are not splits.
      3. Jesper is currently the best in the world, regardless of how he throws it. He will win many more tournaments REGARDLESS.

      Please learn the facts and common sense before you spout ignorance.

    2. Sam Cooley Love it when pros shut down ignorance. Btw I really enjoy your game Sam. Hope to see you on another telecast soon!

  2. Learn from this E.J. quit trying to swing the ball everywhere. My best tournaments were from relaxing and just letting the bowl roll of my hand naturally and it was like I couldn’t miss. Of course, I had to learn this from many loses, thousands of practice games and coaching to quit trying to swing the ball when I am in trouble.

  3. Why don’t they restore the oil pattern after each game? It’s not fair that a player is at such an advantage just because he’s lefty

    1. They don’t re oil during the tournament match play or the whole tournament for that matter, so why should they during the tv show?

  4. All of the guys on this show and the only one with a relaxed swing is Jesper. Doesn’t look like he forces the ball to move at all. Tommy looks like he’s trying to make the ball move. Ej is totally trying to make the ball move. Mitch is trying to get a certain roll. Velma isn’t as relaxed as he usually is. Jesper put the ball in hand went through the swing and just let the ball come off his hand. No wonder he’s a great shot maker.

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