Francois Lavoie 10th frame of 300 game in 2016 U.S. Open TV finals

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Watch the 10th frame of Francois Lavoie's historic 300 game at the 2016 U.S. Open on CBS Sports Network.

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17 Comments on “Francois Lavoie 10th frame of 300 game in 2016 U.S. Open TV finals”

    1. He indicated later that because a couple of the bowlers were using urethane that he had some hold area toward the middle of the lane. Looks like he had quite a bit.

    2. Less oil on the 1-2-3 boards in this event so there is some recovery. (US Open is no longer completely flat.) 1st hit was ‘lucky’ in a sense with the tripped 4-7. 3rd hit, nearly identical line, different reaction (slam vs mixer). Probably due to release/hand more so than oil on those two. Wish they had the blue oil for this telecast.

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