Friday Five – 2021 PBA Strike Derby Matches

Friday Five, August 6, 2021 – the five matches from the 2021 PBA Strike Derby.

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The first round of match play featured Kyle Troup facing Andrew Anderson and Anthony Simonsen battling Wes Malott. The semifinals saw Norm Duke take on Anderson and Packy Hanrahan versus Simonsen. Anderson and Simonsen competed in the championship match.

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19 Comments on “Friday Five – 2021 PBA Strike Derby Matches”

  1. Congratulations to the underdog Andrew Anderson for winning the inaugruel 2021 PBA Strike Derby. Great upload as always PBA. 🙂

  2. *4:35** Goodness, wasn’t expecting a backup ball to hook that much, from the edge to the left gutter to being high into the pocket!! :O*

  3. Troup’s backup ball was awesome, may not have struck but that was the first time that he’s ever thrown a backup ball on TV and it looked awesome.

  4. Obviously, two-handed bowlers suck at the Strike Derby. Lol. I just hate two-handed bowling. I can’t fit my mind around a grown man throwing a 15lb bowling ball with two hands. Kids throw two-handed, not grown men!

    1. It’s normal for anyone to throw two handed I asked someone how they are able to throw two handed and they said it feels more comfortable and that it feels weird to bowl with one hand

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