Friday Five – 2022 Kia PBA Playoffs Round of 16 (Shows 1 and 2) Moments

Friday Five, April 15, 2022 – Five of the top moments from the first half of Round of 16 competition in the Kia PBA Playoffs.

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Kyle Troup rolled a Pabst Six Pack on his way to a win over Sean Rash. 2019 Playoffs champion Kris Prather eliminated Brad Miller. Dom Barrett took out Packy Hanrahan in a roll-off. 2020 Playoffs champion Bill O'Neill also won a roll-off to eliminate Jason Belmonte.

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5 Comments on “Friday Five – 2022 Kia PBA Playoffs Round of 16 (Shows 1 and 2) Moments”

  1. Earlier on the previous video this morning I commented, “What about Friday Five?” And here it is.

  2. The moments from the Round of 16 in the Kia Pba Playoffs were fantastic especially the Roll offs from Show 1 that featured Jason Belmonte and Bill O’Neill and Show 2 that featured Packy Hanrahan and Dom Barrett

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