Friday Five – 2022 PBA League All-Star Clash Moments

Friday Five, July 29, 2022 – Five standout moments from the 2022 PBA League All-Star Clash.

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Four roll-offs were required to advance through the Clash: Matt Ogle vs. Darren Tang in round 1, Matthew Russo vs. Jason Sterner in round 2, Matt Ogle and Ryan Ciminelli in round 5, Jake Peters and Jakob Butturff in round 7. The championship round featured Jake Peters of the Chicago Hitmen against Packy Hanrahan of the Portland Lumberjacks.

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  1. The Moments from the All Star Clash in the Pba League were fantastic especially the Roll offs.

  2. This is kinda off topic but I have a question for the PBA. What happened to all the other pba titles that used to happen? The summer swing, the fall swing, what happened to all of those events?

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