Friday Five – 2022 U.S. Open Stepladder Finals Moments

Friday Five, February 11, 2022 – Five of the best moments from the 2022 U.S. Open stepladder finals.

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Anthony Simonsen won his ninth PBA Tour title and third major, becoming the youngest player to win three majors (he's also the youngest to win one and two majors). Jason Belmonte defeated Jake Peters and AJ Johnson to get to the semifinal match. Simonsen began the title match against top seed EJ Tackett with a late-falling 10 pin.

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12 Comments on “Friday Five – 2022 U.S. Open Stepladder Finals Moments”

  1. I cant wait to be in the PBA someday, my ball that i have is the electrify pearl but i want the Proton Physix because of my revs

  2. If belmo had picked up the UC3, he would’ve won. He still needed urethane, however, he needed a little more motion than the pitch black. Three wolverine would’ve liked fantastic after this game, but the lanes hadn’t transitioned enough to get there with that ball yet.

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