Friday Five – 2023 PBA LBC National Championships Clash Moments

Friday Five, October 6, 2023 – Five of the best moments from 2023 PBA LBC National Championships Clash.

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The first round required a three-player roll-off. Derek Kindig started the competition with the first four strikes–the longest string of any competitor. Round six also required a three-player roll-off. Lennie Boresch Jr. rolled five strikes in a row late before leaving a 10 pin and finishing third. The championship round featured Tom Daugherty vs. Danielle McEwan.

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10 Comments on “Friday Five – 2023 PBA LBC National Championships Clash Moments”

  1. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday 5 Moments from the Pba that features amazing Moments from the 2023 Pba LBC National Championships Clash. Also, the Roll offs in Rounds 1 and 6 were awesome.

  2. Maybe next year the 2 finalists can bowl a game or at least a 2 frame rolloff. Either way, fun show. Maybe I can slide up to Wisconsin and try my luck 🤔

    1. I second this. The last round went by pretty fast. Either a first to two round win, or a 9th/10th frame roll-off.

    2. The problem with this is that if one of the amateurs was to make it to the final he/she would probably get smoked if going up against a pro in the final, if it was a full game. 9th & 10th frame roll off might be fun tho.

  3. Always like seeing Daugherty in an event. Gives us no thumb bowling middle aged guys a hope. 😅

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