Friday Five – 2023 PBA Player of the Year Voting Results

Friday Five, December 8, 2023 – The final voting results for the top five finalists for the 2022 Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year Award.

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Voting for the PBA Player of the Year Award is limited to PBA Tour players and select media members. Eight players received votes for the 2023 award, with EJ Tackett winning for the second time in his career (his first was in 2016).

Full results:
1. EJ Tackett, 82.46%
2. Anthony Simonsen, 6.81%
3. Kyle Troup, 2.88%
4. Packy Hanrahan, 2.62%
4. Jason Belmonte, 2.62%
6. Kevin McCune, 1.57%
7. Jakob Butturff, 0.79%
8. Matt Ogle, 0.26%

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20 Comments on “Friday Five – 2023 PBA Player of the Year Voting Results”

  1. Seeing simo getting 17 top 5s out of 17 pba title matchs and gets a 6% voting it really hurts, i was expecting him to get 25% of the votes like yeah ej getting 82% was obvious but i was expecting simo to get a oittle higher than 6%

  2. Im surprised anyone voted for anyone besides EJ. 2023 was his year. Complete dominance in every facet. Congrats EJ!

  3. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday Five Moments from the Pba that had the Voting Results for the 2023 Pba Player of the Year. Also, Is Anthony Simonsen going to get Player of the Year in the 2024 Season on the Pba Tour?

    1. I was happy _and_ surprised to see that! Would’ve thought Dom Barrett or Jakob Butturff would be #5, but Packy had a great year.

  4. 17 top 10 finishes. Never out of any tourney. I’m sorry, but SIMO is the true PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Ej was like Ricky Bobby. If you ain’t first ur last.

  5. Was there any question that EJ would win? He had a spectacular year. No offense to the other players but, at least for this year, nobody had a chance

  6. EJ Tackett was 0-3 against Belmonte in the title match at majors before that world title win. 2 curses ended for Tackett in 2023, One was the 4 year drought of singles event wins, second was the majors curse against Belmo.

  7. From the moment Tackett won the Cheetah championship I knew he was going to be this years player of the year great bowling EJ!!!

  8. Honestly surprised Belmo, Troup, and Packy got any percentage of vote with only 1 title a piece. Kind of concerning as to who is voting to be honest.

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