Friday Five – 2023 PBA Tour Money Leaders

Friday Five, November 3, 2023 – The top five money winners on the 2023 Guaranteed Rate PBA Tour.

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Here's the full list of the top 10:
1. EJ Tackett, $458,450
2. Anthony Simonsen, $347,500
3. Jason Belmonte, $338,825
4. Jakob Butturff, $175,125
5. Kyle Troup, $145,400
6. Kevin McCune, $141,300
7. Matt Ogle, $114,200
8. Dom Barrett, $98, 975
9. Packy Hanrahan, $98,100
10. Chris Via, $93,300

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10 Comments on “Friday Five – 2023 PBA Tour Money Leaders”

  1. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday 5 Moments from the Pba that features the Money Leaders from the 2023 Pba Tour Season. Also, Are Kyle Troup, Jakob Butturff, Jason Belmonte, Anthony Simonsen, and E.J. Tackett going to win More Pba Titles in the 2024 Season on the Pba Tour? Also, Is Jakob Butturff going to get to 10 Pba Titles or win another Major Pba Title to get inducted to the Pba Hall of Fame in the 2024 Pba Tour Season?

  2. Nice! These guys are the best! I just wish the PBA would get larger sponsorships to put more into these and the regional tournaments encouraging more competition in the sport. Pay for play in a “professional” sport usually means only those that can afford to compete limits the field of quality competitors. The new PBA league is somewhat a step in the right direction. Love the game and just want to see it open up for more people.

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