Friday Five – 2023 PBA Tournament of Champions Moments

Friday Five, March 24, 2023 – Five moments from the PBA Tournament of Champions 17-player stepladder.

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Wes Malott won two matches on the first show to advance to the second, on which he won a third match. Chris Via defeated Wes Malott and then converted a 2-10 split to help him past Stu Williams. Via won three matches to advanced to the third show. No. 6 seed Jason Belmonte defeated Andrew Anderson and Kyle Troup to advance to the final show, then won all four matches to claim Belmonte's record 15th major title and fourth Tournament of Champions victory.

12 Comments on “Friday Five – 2023 PBA Tournament of Champions Moments”

  1. The Moments from the 2023 Tournament of Champions was fantastic especially the moments from the 4 shows in the Stepladder Finals that had 17 Bowlers.

  2. This is truly surreal. No one has ever won 4 tournament of champions ever, but Jason Belmonte has proved again otherwise. If he makes it to 20 major championships before being inducted into the hall of fame in, say, 2027, he will truly be unsurpassable

    1. Man is already there, all the names up on the list of greats with him are either passed or retired or on the PBA50. Been watching Jason since before he was a household name, and will still be watching him once he is a hall of famer. 😀

    2. @Jay Whey So here’s my question. With all the major championships he already won, do you think he has to win maybe 1 or 2 more U.S. opens?

    3. @Dartez Moore For what exactly? HoF induction? The man has already completed just about everything in the sport.

    4. @jaywhey8822  Yes, that’s correct. I think you know to complete the super slam more than once and an Elias cup win would cap it off since him and the L.A.X. finished 2nd 3 times

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