Friday Five – 2023 USBC Masters Moments

Friday Five, April 7, 2023 – Five pivotal moments from the contenders bracket and stepladder finals of the 2023 USBC Masters.

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Sean Rash defeated Patrick Dombrowski to advance to the stepladder finals. Kyle Sherman won a rolloff over Chris Via to get to the stepladder finals. Sherman defeated Rash before being defeated by Michael Martell. Anthony Simonsen defeated Martell for Simonsen's fifth career major title and third USBC Masters championship. Simonsen is the youngest player to win five majors (and one and two and three and four).

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12 Comments on “Friday Five – 2023 USBC Masters Moments”

  1. The 5 Moments from the 2023 USBC Masters are amazing especially the fantastic finishes from the 2 shows of the 2023 USBC Masters.

  2. The youngest 5-time major champion is now only the 4th bowler in history to defend a USBC masters title. Somewhere down the road, eventually, he will win the tournament of champions and world championship and ultimately become the youngest super slam champion. Keep going, Anthony Simonsen!

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