Friday Five – 2024 PBA Players Championship Stepladder Finals Moments

Friday Five, January 19, 2024 – Five moments from the stepladder finals of the 2024 PBA Players Championship, which took place February 15, 2024 from Bowlero Northrock in Wichita, Kansas.

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Tom Smallwood nearly converted the 7-10 split in the title match. Ryan Barnes was 1 for 2 on the 4-9 split in his second match after making his TV debut with the front eight strikes. Bill O'Neill and Barnes had a tight finish to the semifinal match and O'Neill went on to win the Players Championship for the second time in his career. It was his third major and 14th overall title.

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15 Comments on “Friday Five – 2024 PBA Players Championship Stepladder Finals Moments”

  1. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday 5 Moments from the Pba that features the Moments from the Stepladder Finals in the Players Championship. Also, There were great moments in the Players Championship especially the almost Conversion of the 7 10 Split, the Conversion of the 4 9 Split, The Close Semi Final Match between Ryan Barnes and Bill O’Neill. Also, Is Ryan Barnes going to bowl on the Pba Tour after he graduates from Wichita State?

  2. Ciminelli (2013 PBA Viper Championship) and Simonsen (2020 PBA World Championship) had even closer attempts at the 7-10 on TV. Both times the pin went flying in front of the other pin, just missing it

    1. Honestly, I feel like the pin nearly getting the 10 from behind is even closer, those attempts Ciminelli was the 2nd closest and Simo’s just basically bounced 2-3 inches away and infront of the 7

    1. ??? Why not show appreciation to the son of 2 bowling HOF’rs who started his TV debut with 8 in a row? He’s basically a local boy here – bowling for Wichita State and winning the national championship last year. Your cynicism is what’s really crazy 👎

  3. As much as I was pulling for little barnzy, it’s always a good time when Billy O’ takes home a major.

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