Friday Five – Anthony Simonsen’s Five PBA Tour Major Championships (So Far)

Friday Five, August 11, 2023 – Anthony Simonsen's five PBA Tour major championships to date.

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Simonsen became the youngest player to win a major in the 2016 USBC Masters. Simonsen's win in the 2019 PBA Players Championship made him the youngest to win two majors. He won the 2022 U.S. Open and USBC Masters to become the youngest to win three and four majors. The 2023 Masters title made Simonsen the youngest to win five majors.

The youngest to win six majors–Jason Belmonte–was 31 years old when he won his sixth. Simonsen is currently 26.

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6 Comments on “Friday Five – Anthony Simonsen’s Five PBA Tour Major Championships (So Far)”

  1. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday 5 Moments from the Pba Tour that features the 5 Majors that Anthony Simonsen has won on the Pba Tour especially the moments like his Victory in the USBC Masters. Also, Is Anthony Simonsen going to be inducted to the Pba Hall of Fame?

    1. 5 majors is promising, but remember, he hasn’t been on the tour for 20 years yet. All that’s left for Simonsen is the tournament of champions and the world championship. Before he gets inducted into the holy grail, he will be the youngest super slam champion

    2. @Dartez Mooreif you win 10 titles or 5 titles with at least 2 being majors, you don’t have to be on tour for 20 years to make the hall of fame

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