Friday Five – Best PBA Bowling Trick (or Treat) Shots

Friday Five, October 29, 2021 – Five of the best bowling trick shots during and surrounding PBA Tour competition over the years.

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Norm Duke makes a spare with two balls on the lane at the same time. Duke also has many different ways for picking up the 7-10 split. Mika Koivuniemi "gets lucky" in knocking down 20 pins at once with massive loft, then Jason Belmonte perfects the trick years later. Osku Palermaa takes the lofting even higher by striking over a bar chair. Chris Barnes converts The Flying Eagle split across two lanes.

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19 Comments on “Friday Five – Best PBA Bowling Trick (or Treat) Shots”

  1. They should bring the trick shot competition back, I’d love to see what the young guns of the sport can do now

  2. Remember that old McDonald’s commercial with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird where they kept challenging each other to make a trick shot? The famous line was “nothing but net”.

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