Friday Five – Best Split Conversions from 2022 PBA Tour Telecasts

Friday Five, November 25, 2022 – The best split conversions from the 2022 PBA Tour season.

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Thomas Larsen made the 6-7-10 split during PBA League competition. AJ Johnson converted the 4-9 split during the USBC Masters. The 2-4-8-10 was converted twice on television in 2022, first by Tommy Jones in the PBA World Championship and then by Anthony Simonsen in the USBC Masters. Jason Sterner converted the rarely seen 4-7-9-10 split during the PBA World Championship.

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7 Comments on “Friday Five – Best Split Conversions from 2022 PBA Tour Telecasts”

  1. Those were fantastic split conversions from the 2022 season on the Pba Tour especially the Conversion of the 2 4 8 10, and the 4 7 9 10 split.

  2. *I can’t believe u didn’t include Jason Belmonte 3-4-10 split conversion in the World Championship, almost immediately after Sterner’s 4-7-9-10 split conversion!*

    Great upload as always PBA!

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