Friday Five – Best Split Conversions on 2023 PBA Tour Telecasts

Friday Five, August 18, 2023 – The best split conversions on 2023 PBA Tour telecasts.

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Jesper Svensson made the 2-4-6-7-10 in the PBA NASCAR Invitational. Jakob Butturff converted the 3-6-7-9 in the PBA Players Championship, helping him advance to the championship match. The 4-9 split was made in back-to-back frames in the PBA Tour Finals, with Anthony Simonsen making it in the 10th frame in a loss to Kris Prather, who then converted the 4-9 in the first frame of his next match. Chris Via made the 2-10 late in a match at the PBA Tournament of Champions to help him advance. Kevin McCune converted the 2-4-10, which kept him in the match against EJ Tackett at the PBA Players Championship and helped McCune force a rolloff, which he won.

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16 Comments on “Friday Five – Best Split Conversions on 2023 PBA Tour Telecasts”

  1. I see incredible splits & PBA got the 5! Oh, wait… Watch me convert them at a pro-am real soon. 😂

  2. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday 5 Moments that features the Best Split Conversions from the 2023 Season on the Pba Tour. Also, I made the 2 10 Split in the Handicap Division when I bowled on the Jbt Tour.

    1. And I made BACK TO BACK splits! A 1-8 convert, a 4-9, oh, wait… a grandpa’s tooth convert, a missing tooth convert. I’m a master of that!

  3. hey can someone tell me what the final scores were in the final match in the 2023 Storm Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles? i want to know the scores in the final match and who were the runner ups against winners anthony simonsen and daniele mcewan

    1. It was a total-pinfall event with no championship match, but the second-place team was Shannon Pluhowsky and Tommy Jones. McEwan/Simonsen had a total of 8,873 and Pluhowsky/Jones bowled 8,755.

    2. @PBABowlingHow about that awesome 4-9 convert by Chris Via? Did he timed it well. He was my pro-am clinic partner on April 29 & if I ever learned how to pick up a split, chances are about 50-50 that he made it on a Friday 5.

  4. When I go bowling, and leave a split, I TRY to make the split. Example if I leave the 4-7-10, and someone says go for the two, hell no. I want all three.

    1. Damn straight that’s like when I first began bowling in adult leagues I left the 5-10 and my teammate was telling me to take 1 I told him the hell with that I’m going to make this spare he’s still telling me take 1 and I step up there and I made the spare

    2. then unfortunately you only get one pin and your team ends up losing by 1 pin at the end of the game..

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