Friday Five – Closest Scores in 2022 PBA Tour Title Matches

Friday Five, September 9, 2022 – The five closest scores that decided Guaranteed Rate PBA Tour titles in 2022.

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Dom Barrett won the PBA Tournament of Champions with a 21-pin victory over Kris Prather. Jason Belmonte beat Sean Rash by eight pins to win the PBA Players Championship. Anthony Simonsen bested Norm Duke by three pins in the USBC Masters. Keven Williams struck out to take a two-pin victory over AJ Chapman in the PBA Shark Championship. Kris Prather and Jason Sterner tied at 237 in the PBA World Championship, necessitating a roll-off won by Prather, 10-6.

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  1. The Closest Scores in Title Matches from the 2022 Season on the Pba Tour were fantastic that had amazing finishes

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