Friday Five – EJ Tackett’s Biggest PBA Tour Wins

Friday Five, February 17, 2023 – Five of the biggest wins in the PBA Tour career of EJ Tackett.

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Tackett won his first title in the 2015 Lubbock Sports Open. He won the 2019 PBA Tour Finals, his second win in that event (he also won in 2017). His three majors to complete the Triple Crown: the 2016 PBA World Championship, 2017 PBA Tournament of Champions and 2023 U.S. Open.

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17 Comments on “Friday Five – EJ Tackett’s Biggest PBA Tour Wins”

  1. The Victories That E.J. Tackett won on the Pba Tour were amazing especially his 1st Title, the 3 Majors, and the Tour Finals.

    1. As an absolutely massive Tackett fan this list is a joke. Belmonte, Duke not on there is a travesty. Robert Smith in terms of physical talent deserves a spot but not in terms of success.

    2. @FireMarble Films I don’t recognize 2 handers. They have their own list. Also, it’s my top 5 list. While Duke is great, I don’t think he cracks the top 5. And titles don’t mean much to me. I’ve come across a lot of talent in bowling and other sports that didn’t have the luck to last long career wise for various reasons.

  2. I bowled with him a few times in Fort Wayne he is a all around great kid and he will be in the hof one day

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