Friday Five – EJ Tackett’s Five Runner-up Finishes in Majors

Friday Five, December 23, 2022 – Sixteen-time PBA Tour champion EJ Tackett has won two majors and also finished second five times, four of them as the No. 1 seed.

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Tackett, the top seed, finished second to Jason Belmonte in the 2014 USBC Masters. Tackett, again the top seed, finished second to Gary Faulkner Jr. in the 2015 PBA World Championship.

Tackett won his next two title matches in majors: the 2016 PBA World Championship and the 2017 PBA Tournament of Champions.

In the 2019 PBA Tournament of Champions, Tackett was the No. 2 seed, losing to top seed Belmonte. Tackett was again the No. 1 seed in the 2020 PBA Players Championship, falling to Bill O'Neill. In the 2022 U.S. Open. top-seeded Tackett finished second to Anthony Simonsen.

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21 Comments on “Friday Five – EJ Tackett’s Five Runner-up Finishes in Majors”

  1. The 2nd place finishes in majors were tough for E.J. Tackett especially the 2020 Players Championship. Also, E.J. Tackett will get a Singles Pba national or a major title in the 2023 season on the Pba Tour.

  2. EJ inspired me to bowl. Far and away my favorite pro, love watching him even if he can’t always come out on top

  3. All those second places put another story on his house. I’m hoping for a big year for EJ in 2023. Stay calm, trust your abilities and never play the blame game.

  4. EJ in US open 2022 led the field with almost 500 pins, and was undisputed no. 1 seed, and simply chocked in the only match that matters, Maybe most talented bowler of our time but mentally not up to par when it matters the most.

    1. Yeah. It seems like he always pulls a shot and ends up with a split or misses a fairly routine spare for an open. Physically he’s as talented as you’re going to see. But that alone isn’t enough.

    1. I’ve thought the same thing but I’m not quite sure his equipment is what causes his 2nd places (at least this year). Plus he’s got almost a million in earnings and 14 titles and 2 majors all with motiv so its hard to judge if a different company would have helped.

    2. @An Impala agreed. Not saying it necessarily is the issue. He’s just so talented sometimes I wonder if he could be better given more options for better ball reactions.

  5. 13:06 Making Bill O’Neil sit along time, rarely do you take a re-rack on a “ Fill shot ” then he says says the That Fill Shot was VERY IMPORTANT EVERY PIN COUNTS! 🙄

  6. He’s got to be overthinking it and getting too into his head to be in this position this often. He’s got the physical aspects. The mental aspects are, for whatever reason, failing him.

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