Friday Five – Final 2021 PBA Tour Money Leaders

Friday Five, September 17, 2021 – The top five Guaranteed Rate PBA Tour players in earnings during the 2021 PBA Tour season.

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Kyle Troup set a single-season PBA Tour earnings record with $496,900. François Lavoie, Tom Daugherty, Anthony Simonsen and Dick Allen all cracked the top five in 2021 PBA Tour earnings.

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19 Comments on “Friday Five – Final 2021 PBA Tour Money Leaders”

  1. It’ll be nice when someday these guys get their due and bowl for much larger purses. The #5 player making 150k is ridiculous- should be at least 4x that.

    1. They offer such trashy money to these players per event i mean it is absurd the amount that they are given. They are very unprofessional

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