Friday Five – First-Time PBA Major Champions in the 2020s

Friday Five, November 5, 2021 – Five players have won their first PBA Tour major championships in the 2020s so far.

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Kris Prather won the 2020 PBA Tournament of Champions. Four of the five 2021 major champions claimed their first major titles: Kyle Troup in the PBA Players Championship, Tom Daugherty in the PBA World Championship, Thomas Larsen in the USBC Masters and Chris Via in the U.S. Open.

10 Comments on “Friday Five – First-Time PBA Major Champions in the 2020s”

  1. the major events on the Pba Tour were amazing including the bowlers that won their 1st major title in both the 2020 and 2021 seasons on the Pba Tour

  2. Kyle Troup’s major victory was way overdue and when he won it I almost cried tears of joy, I was so happy.

  3. Now this was awesome! Can’t wait for next year and see if whether or not the major champions in this video can successfully defend their perspective major title

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