Friday Five – First-Time PBA Tour Champions in 2021 (So Far)

Friday Five, August 20, 2021 – so far this season, five players have won their first PBA Tour titles.

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Sam Cooley won the PBA Cheetah Championship. The next day, Shawn Maldonado earned his first title in the PBA Chameleon Championship. Chris Via's first title was a major in the U.S. Open. Matthew Russo (PBA Jonesboro Open) and Darren Tang (PBA Classic) won their first titles on the PBA Summer Tour.

17 Comments on “Friday Five – First-Time PBA Tour Champions in 2021 (So Far)”

  1. Hi PBA, nice fresh upload. The 2021 season has been extremely historical and monumental for many of these bowlers, including Kyle Troup as well winning his first major in the revamped 2021 PBA Players Championship.

    Shame Jason Belmonte only appeared in the 2021 KIA PBA Tournament of Champions, but congratulations to him on his fourth child.

  2. Flobowling is a blight on our sport! The audio and video leave almost everything to be desired. The announcers continually talking over every aspect of the action is horrendous, and the price is ridiculous for such atrocious broadcast quality.

    1. I concur. Dave Lamont was probably the worst thing about those broadcasts. I’d be good with Mikey J or Dave Ryan in the booth.

  3. Funny enough, when my dad and I were watching the Coldwater, OH stepladder final this past weekend, I said “I wonder when there will be a Friday Five of pro bowlers who won their first PBA tour title. 🙂

    1. That would be just you. Jacob has 6 PBA titles already at his very young age and it’s to his credit that he’s in the finals so often. Right now the best bowlers on the PBA tour are probably Butturf, Troupe, and Simo. My dark horse for guys who will be on TV a lot the next 5 years are Via and Prather.

    2. @Ironfangzu I’ve been commenting a lot on Jakob’s 2nd place finishes too. Mainly his 5 runner-up finishes in majors. If he won just one of those, he would be Hall of Fame eligible right now.

  4. I know that the match was mathematically over at that point, but it was kind of tough to show DTang throw a 7-2 open at the end as he won. He bowled great up to that point and this video showed all the other bowlers making great shots to get to their wins. Here it looked like DTang sucked, when in fact he bowled so well that he didn’t even need a mark at the end to win.

  5. Flowbowling is the worst streaming service ever. I can’t pay for a high price for bad video and audio quality. Get it together PBA

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