Friday Five – First-time Winners in 2023 PBA Competition

Friday Five, October 13, 2023 – Four players won their first PBA Tour titles in 2023 and one team won its first PBA League Elias Cup.

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Packy Hanrahan was the first first-time champion in 2023, winning the PBA Kokomo Classic. Hanrahan then teamed with Mitch Hupé, who won his first PBA Tour title in the Roth/Holman PBA Doubles Championship. Kevin McCune's first title was a major, winning the PBA Players Championship and becoming the first third-generation champion on PBA history. AJ Johnson won the final event of the season and first of his career in the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters. The Waco Wonders claimed the PBA League Elias Cup for the first time in franchise history.

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8 Comments on “Friday Five – First-time Winners in 2023 PBA Competition”

  1. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday 5 Moments from the Pba that featured winners that won their 1st Career Titles in the 2023 Pba Tour Season. Also, Is Mitch Hupe going to win More Pba Titles in the 2024 Pba Tour Season?

  2. it’s funny how each mccune earn success first in the family name, of the mccune name
    like don the first and only to become player of the year
    eugene is the first and only to become defending champion in an event known as the cheetah
    but kevin is the first and only to win a major, that’s awesome.

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