Friday Five – Five Players Who Won Their First PBA Tour Titles on the Summer Tour

Friday Five, July 23, 2021 – five players who won their first PBA Tour titles on the PBA Summer Tour, which began in 2015.

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EJ Tackett won his first title in the 2015 PBA Lubbock Southwest Open. Jakob Butturff won his first title in the same bowling center the following year, claiming the 2016 PBA Lubbock Sports Open. Matt Sanders won the 2017 PBA Billy Hardwick Memorial Open for his first title. Cristian Azcona earned his first title in the 2018 PBA Wilmington Open. The following year, BJ Moore won his first title in the 2019 PBA Wilmington Open.

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16 Comments on “Friday Five – Five Players Who Won Their First PBA Tour Titles on the Summer Tour”

  1. the bowlers who won their 1st titles on the summer tour was fantastic that featured E.J. Tackett, Jakob Butturff, Matt Sanders, Cristian Azcona, and B.J. Moore

    1. What about Kyle Troup? 2015 Wolf Open right?

      Oh wait. Summer TOUR. Not Swing. whoops. xd Just realized it when I was typing this.

    1. I thought that Butruff, Troupe and Simo were going to dominate the tour for the next 5-8 years. But it seems like every day some new guy pops up to challenge those who consistently make the TV finals. Last year it was Kris Prather, this year it’s Chris Via and Frankie LeVoie.. There are just so many good young bowlers now. I once thought that Jasper Svenson would end his career with the most titles in history. But the field is just so ridiculously crowded now. No one can dominate for a long time.

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