Friday Five – Five Times the U.S. Open was Won by a Single Pin

Friday Five, January 20, 2023 – The U.S. Open championship match has been won by a single pin five times, all since the year 2000. The two-part stepladder finals of the 2023 U.S. Open will air live on FS1 February 4 and on FOX February 5.

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Robert Smith staved off Norm Duke in 2000. Chris Barnes defeated Patrick Allen in 2005. Pete Weber struck to claim it against Mike Fagan in 2012. Dom Barrett barely got the one pin he needed against Jakob Butturff in 2018. Chris Via held on against Butturff in 2021.

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18 Comments on “Friday Five – Five Times the U.S. Open was Won by a Single Pin”

  1. I don’t agree with getting a fine when you’re bowling for the US Open title and taking too long in the 10th frame

    1. @Skdjdjdjsjxjxjd That’s what I’m saying, the shot clock is to keep up pace of play, but there isn’t a single bowling fan out there who isn’t watching intensely to a championship match that close

  2. Well, I kinda figured “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! I AM!” would be on here, but I was expecting it to be #1. I AM SAD. Still nice to see it here anyway, though.

  3. That was a fantastic Friday 5 Moments from the Pba that features The Matches in the U.S. Open Decided by 1 Pin.

  4. Maximum Bob has always been my favorite player. Shame he got hit with the injury bug. I think he could have got to 20+ wins. He was able to do things on the lane no one else could like the current 2 handers

    1. What he could do to a ball was criminal. Rumor has it they outlawed him in a few states πŸ˜‰
      Absolutely one of the most talented to ever hit the Tour.

  5. Chris Barnes might have well went down as the best bowler of all time had he been able to close out more titles. Walter Ray was a mainstay and obv has a million titles, but Barnes should have had at least 10 of those. No joke. Barnes can play everywhere and do just about everything humanly possible to manipulate a bowling ball. It’s that space between the eyes that’s always got him.

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