Friday Five – François Lavoie’s 5 PBA Tour Titles

Friday Five, December 10, 2021 – The winning moments from each of François Lavoie's five PBA Tour titles to date.

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Lavoie won his first title in the 2016 U.S. Open, defeating Marshall Kent in the title match. In the semifinal match, Lavoie bowled 300 against Shawn Maldonado. Later that year, Lavoie won the 2016 PBA Shark Championship with a victory over the legendary Walter Ray Williams Jr. In 2017, Lavoie beat Ryan Ciminelli to claim the Xtra Frame Greater Jonesboro Open. Lavoie won the U.S. Open for the second time in 2019, taking out Sean Rash in the championship match. Earlier this season, Lavoie won his fifth title and third major by defeating Anthony Simonsen to win the PBA Tournament of Champions.

10 Comments on “Friday Five – François Lavoie’s 5 PBA Tour Titles”

  1. He has such a solid game. Not a lot moving parts. Rev rate isn’t everything. A lot more wins coming his way 🤙

    1. Guys like him who are under that 400 rev rate mark impress me more than anyone who rails on it. The touch they have on that release. Even guys who hit it more as well like Dom or Wes w the touch they have is impressive and I always like to see them do well.

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