Friday Five – Highest Scores to Lose to 300 in PBA TV history

Friday Five, October 21, 2022 – The five highest scores rolled in PBA history against a televised 300 game.

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Mark Roth rolled 255 against Bob Benoit's perfect game in the 1988 Quaker State Open. Sean Rash's 265 wasn't enough against Ronnie Russell's 300 in the 2014 Chameleon Championship. Danny Wiseman bowled 266 in the 1999 National Bowling Stadium Open but Mike Miller shot 300. Two 279 games have been bowled against perfection: David Ozio against Mike Aulby in the 1993 Wichita Open and Johnny Petraglia against Bob Learn Jr. in the 1996 Flagship Open.

Not included: during Jakob Butturff's 300 game in the qualifying portion of the 2020 PBA Tour Finals, Norm Duke shot 269 and Anthony Simonsen shot 268. Because it was a qualifying round and thus neither Duke nor Simonsen actually lost to Butturff's 300, those games aren't featured here.

23 Comments on “Friday Five – Highest Scores to Lose to 300 in PBA TV history”

    1. @Jonathan Freeman The way i seen that video it was mentioned all time, the match i was referring to was in Japan, maybe it wasn’t considered a PBA event, and yes i realize Dom wasn’t close to a 300 this year.

  1. As soon as I saw this I immediately knew there were 2 300-279 matches and I was glad both of them were included

  2. Back when the equipment didn’t do all of the work. I’d like to see today’s high rev players try to keep the ball on the lane with those 24 foot oil patterns.

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