Friday Five – Highest Title-Winning Scores in PBA Tournament of Champions History

Friday Five, March 3, 2023 – The five highest title-winning scores in PBA Tournament of Champions history.

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Patrick Allen's 267 defeated Rhino Page in 2009. Mika Koivuniemi rolled 269 to beat Tom Smallwood in 2011. Kris Prather shot 280 to defeat Bill O'Neill in 2020. Steve Cook bowled 287 in 1981. Don Johnson's 299 remains one of the most famous moments in PBA Tour history and won him the 1970 Tournament of Champions title.

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14 Comments on “Friday Five – Highest Title-Winning Scores in PBA Tournament of Champions History”

  1. The Highest Title Winning Scores in the History of the Pba Tournament of Champions were fantastic especially The Bowlers that were featured like Patrick Allen, Mika Koivuniemi, Kris Prather, Steve Cook, and Don Johnson.

  2. In regards to #2 and #1, the running joke of the PBA (before Pete McCordic’s 300 game in 1987) was that every time Chris Schenkel did commentary for ABC’s Pro Bowlers Tour that everyone came up short on 300 games and whenever someone else was doing commentary, there would be 300 games.

    1. That seriously bothered Chris. The fact he wasn’t there for Roth’s 7-10 just salted the wound even more. Chris shouting “We have it!” after McCordic’s 12th strike was as much for him as for Pete, I think.

  3. I sorry to say, BUT, #2 and #1 would be the BEST of ALL TIME!! Why, because they didn’t have the technology like the bowlers do today!!!!

  4. That’s a sure way, usually, to win a tournament. Drop a big score down. Always fun to watch the vintage shows with Chris and Bo on commentary 🤙

  5. Too bad that Allen’s bowling so well was overshadowed by Rhino Page’s horrible shot in the 10th frame.

  6. 5:35 Not sure if this behavior would hold up with Rule 18 these days – getting that powder all around the thumb, then wiping along the track adjacent to and over the thumb.

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